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Close more deals with efficient handoff using Chat Owners

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Using Chat Owners is the simplest way to assign account responsibility amongst your team.

But why does that matter?

First, efficient handoff. Assigning ownership of chats through the relationship lifecycle means that accounts are nurtured from lead to closed-won, and beyond.

Second, productivity. Because everyone in your team doesn't have to cover all accounts, just to make sure they're covered, your team can handle more relationships and your pipeline can grow.

Third, and most importantly – making sure leads don't fall through the cracks. When each account has a clear owner, then relationships can be managed. Scrolling down to chat #103 in your inbox to check that they're being looked after just isn't going to happen – you're all going to be spread too thin!

Assigning chat owners is key to how we work internally, and has allowed us to manage an enormous pipeline – without any relationships falling through the cracks. Each week, we go through our pipeline together, and filter the chats by owner to discuss each of our accounts one-by-one.

How To Get Started

It's really simple to get started. There are four places to set an owner property.

Place 1 – Within Telegram, using the Chrome Extension:

Place 2 – From your pipeline:

Place 3 – from a chats table in 3RM

Place 4 – from a chat's details page

Give it a go and we hope that you find managing hundreds of Telegram relationships that much easier.

If you've not signed up to 3RM yet – it's totally free – you can here.

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