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Streamline outreach, maximize efficiency, and engage your audience effectively with batch messaging.

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What is Batch Messaging in 3RM?

3RM’s new batch messaging feature gives your team the capability of sending personalized messages to multiple conversations, streamlining your outreach efforts and efficiency by 95%. Reach out to multiple prospects at once and maximize outreach potential without requiring personalized effort thanks to 3RM’s robust text editor! With 3RM’s ability to instantly insert drafts and attach images, links, and snippets with a rich text editor, forging relationships with existing chats can be upkept with ease. This feature allows for personal customization of each message prior to sending, keeping you from copy and pasting the same text over and over. Batch messages can enable your reps to engage more Telegram users in a timely manner while staying on top of engagements with 3RM’s Chrome extension, increasing the chances of generating leads and ultimately closing deals with data-driven confidence. The Batch tool will automatically open the Telegram app with the Chrome extension in it, giving you the chance to update your CRM in real time as you send messages. That means more outreach without compromising on your operational overhead.

What Use Comes From Batch?

Batch is a standalone product from 3RM, so accessing it requires using the Batch site. With easy access to Telegram, robust security measures, and intuitive features for personalized messaging at scale, our batch messaging tool ensures maximum return on effort invested and peace of mind for your team. Manage any contact list through customized folders and easily reach out to users with a personalized message that comes directly from your account rather than a bot. Further customize your batch messages before sending for high-touch engagement. With the ability to filter your inbox, select chats, and send a message in seconds, your lead generation and relationship nurturing has never been easier.

What are the best ways of using Batch Message?

Batch Messaging has many uses for your team’s business development needs.

  1. Conference Management: During a conference, representatives can use the Telegram app to interact with new leads. By putting these new contacts into predetermined folders, instantly create groups of users ready for interaction! Use the Batch Message feature to instantly send personalized messages to participants and contacts ahead of time, invite them to visit a booth or schedule a meeting, and maximize engagement and lead generation opportunities. When meeting new contacts, add them to a custom, new folder and follow up at a later date with a specific message or action item to stay on top of your inbox in an organized way.

  2. Continued Outreach: For targeted outreach campaigns, maximize value with 3RM’s batch messaging. With your segmented folders based on specific criteria that matters to you, send tailored messages to multiple recipients simultaneously. For example, you could contact users to RSVP to a webinar, complete with a hyperlink and custom graphic, or share a Calendly link to book a meeting after a successful conference. Send status updates, quick follow-ups, and more to stay stop of mind and create communication opportunities.

  3. Chrome extension: With 3RM’s Chrome extension, your sales reps can seamlessly integrate batch messaging into their Telegram outreach workflow by keeping their notes up to date. Initiate batch messaging and add follow up notes on prospects or customers which update your 3RM user profiles, enhancing outreach effectiveness.

    How to Use Batch

Setting Up Batch Messages

To set up batch messaging, you will need an active 3RM account connected to an active Telegram account. To learn how to integrate 3RM to Telegram, check out this tutorial.

  1. Batch requires you to have folders, as it uses the folder to populate your message inbox. Segment your chats into folders within Telegram. More on this here.

  2. Connect your account to 3RM’s Batch. At this stage, you will be able to see your current Telegram folders. Batch is a standalone product, so it requires a connection to Telegram separate from your 3RM integration.

  3. Select the folder of chats you want to send a message to and draft a message!

Batch allows you to add emojis, hyperlinks, images, etc. to your message prior to sending. You can also insert available snippets, like a name. Snippets will tag the user or group you’re targeting, sending them a notification. Once written, you can decide whether to draft or send your message.

Draft: Inserts your predefined message into Telegram, but doesn’t launch the message, offering you a chance to further personalize your outreach effort. This is great for personalizing your messages before sending, updating your CRM, or skipping people that shouldn't receive a given message.

Send: Send your message directly from your Telegram account, instantly. Great for blasting a message out to a large number of people inside of a folder. This can not be undone.

4. Utilize the 3RM Chrome extension to take notes on your interaction! This note will update your 3RM CRM profile for a given user. As you send your drafted messages to your intended recipients, reference existing or update new notes, all available instantly for you through the Chrome extension.


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