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Batch Message Tool – Message an entire Telegram Folder at once!
Batch Message Tool – Message an entire Telegram Folder at once!

Just been to a conference and got lots of leads to reach out to? Check this out.

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This simple tool allows you to message all chats in a Telegram folder at once, with snippets to customize your message for the recipient. Here's the link.

Usage Instructions

To start, connect your Telegram account via the QR code:

You may also need to enter your Telegram 2FA password. You can find a hint for your password in Telegram's 'Privacy and Security' settings, then clicking on 'Two-Step Verification'.

Then, select the folder you'd like to message:

After you've selected your folder, you can write your message. You can include images, files, and more. Make sure to use the provided snippet to customize your message for your recipients.

You can send your message as a draft, too, if you'd like to customise it further.

And that's it! If you have any issues, reach out to me at [email protected]. I hope you find the tool helpful and that it saves you lots of time!

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