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3RM’s Progressive Web App (PWA) simplifies workflows by consolidating Telegram into one window, ensuring stability via the Chrome extension.

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What is a PWA?

A PWA, or Progressive Web App, is a web application that provides a user experience similar to that of native mobile apps. PWAs are designed to work across different devices and platforms, offering the ability to be installed on a given device without using an app store.

How to use the Telegram PWA

3RM’s PWA can revolutionize your workflow by consolidating your Telegram experience into one window, eliminating the clutter and lag associated with multiple windows. You can also pin this “3RM app” straight to your dock/desktop so it’s always easily available.

Experience a more stable alternative to the Telegram app with a dedicated workspace, seamlessly transitioning between 3RM and Telegram within your PWA environment.

Setting up the 3RM Telegram PWA requires you to install the Chrome Extension as well as set up your Telegram for desktop use.

To start using Telegram for the web, you must sign up for an account on the Android, iOS, or Windows Phone app. After verifying your details via the mobile app, you can open Telegram web. To activate your Telegram account, you’ll need access to the mobile device you signed up with to scan a QR code in the Telegram app. More on that can be found in this article.

After you've installed the Chrome extension, you'll want to install Telegram Web as a PWA:

1. Open Chrome

3. Click the dots on top right hand side of your browser (not in your Telegram window)

4. Select "Save and Share"

5. Select "Install Telegram Web"

Installing Telegram Web

Best Practices for 3RM Chrome Extension

To learn more about using the 3RM Chrome extension, check out our documentation dedicated to the extension.

Imagine your goal is to nurture leads and close deals (because that’s very likely the case!). You start your day in 3RM, where you have a comprehensive overview of your contacts, their engagement history, and important follow-ups with contextualizing notes.

With a quick glance, you can identify promising leads and prioritize your outreach. As you work through conversations, leverage Telegram PWA’s speed and agility to engage with your prospects in real-time with higher efficiency and update your notes with the 3RM Chrome extension instantly.

With an intuitive interface and quick updates, using a Telegram PWA empowers you to respond promptly, update information on-the-fly, and maintain a fluid conversation flow, all while automatically updating your 3RM dashboard thanks to the Chrome extension. By starting in 3RM and transitioning to Telegram, optimize your workflow and ensure efficient lead management thanks to 3RM’s instantaneous sync.

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