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Connecting Your Telegram
Sign Into The Web Version of Telegram
Sign Into The Web Version of Telegram

3RM uses the web version of Telegram to best connect chat links and Chrome Extension seamlessly.

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What Is The Web Version of Telegram

Telegram has a variety of different applications for users to utilize. Mobile, desktop, and web version.

By signing into the web version of Telegram, users are able to better access the features that 3RM is building like chat links and our Chrome Extension. This also allows 3RM to be efficient without bringing in your direct message content in-app.

How To Sign Into The Web Version of Telegram

From your desktop, you should navigate to If it is your first time signing into Telegram from a desktop, you should have the ability to sign in via QR code or with your phone number.

In the example above, there is a button at the bottom of the instructions that you can select to "Log In By Phone Number"

When signing in with the QR code, you will need to navigate to your "Settings" tab on your mobile Telegram app. From here, you should select the "Devices" option from the menu below.

After selecting "Devices" you should see an option to scan a QR code for sign-in. Select the button titled "Link Desktop Device"

The camera feature on your mobile device should start. From here, align your camera with the QR code on your desktop.

This should connect your account to the web browser version of your Telegram.

If you have a 2-Factor Authentication Password

It is very common to have a 2-Factor Authentication password set up. It's likely that this password is different from your usual Telegram password. A "hint" should be listed on the screen.

However, if you can't remember your password or hope to set one up, here are the steps to check your settings below:

In your Telegram application settings, you should navigate to the "Privacy and Security" settings.

From here, you can select "Two-Step Verification."

Depending on your settings, you should either be able to set up your 2-Factor settings or view your password hint to help you get better set up and connected.

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