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Creating folders inside of Telegram is essential for using 3RM.

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Folders in Telegram

Many users rely on Telegram for a variety of different contexts. In order to better separate and segment conversations, Telegram created a folders feature. This feature allows users to create groupings of conversations.

In order to ensure that only the most important conversations get imported into 3RM, we ask our users to create folders inside of Telegram before importing their chats. This allows our users to have control over what is accessed and shared with their team.

Instead of 3RM importing all of your chats, we have created the ability for our users to connect to their Telegram folders.

When creating folders in Telegram there are limitations to the number of folders you can create. You are limited to 10 folders with the free edition, or you can upgrade to premium to increase your folder limit to 20. Learn more about upgrading to Telegram Premium.

There are two different types of folders in Telegram, Static and Dynamic folders.

Static Folders

These are custom folders you create where you can manually pick and choose which chats appear in the folder. Static folders are great for attributing conversations to specific events or categories that you want to organize the context of your conversations.

Dynamic Folders

These are custom folders you can create where you provide Telegram with rules to determine which chats appear in the folder. For example, you can create folders that have all of your Groups, Contacts, and Non-Contacts to track all of your existing chats.

Dynamic folders also enable Telegram Premium users to go past the limit of 200 chats in a folder.

Creating Telegram Folders

How to Create Folders in Telegram:

  1. Sign-in to Telegram

  2. Navigate to the Settings tab at the bottom of the page

  3. Select the option Chat Folders

  4. Click the Create New Folder option

  5. Enter a name for the folder

  6. Set the Included Chats by manually choosing the chats you want to add to your folder.

  7. (Optional) Set the Excluded Chats by manually choosing which chats you want to exclude from your folder.

  8. Click the Create button when you are done customizing to create your folders

Add chats to folders in Telegram

When creating a new custom folder, you have the ability to add chats to the new folder directly from that screen. This is the best way to add existing chats to new folders you create.

To add a chat to an existing folder, you can right-click (on a computer) or hold (on a phone). You will then see the option to "Add to folder," and you can choose the relevant folder from the dropdown menu.

Live Demo On Creating Folders, Adding Chats, and Managing In Telegram

Below is a demo that we've created to walk you through creating folders and adding chats in the web version of Telegram. Please reach out if you have any questions or run into any issues!

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