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Best Practices For Naming Telegram Chats
Best Practices For Naming Telegram Chats

A guide for naming your conversations in Telegram so they can be best tracked within 3RM.

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Before getting started, please make sure that you read our guide on Creating Telegram Folders and Connecting 3RM To Telegram. Both will help in better understanding Naming Conventions and why they matter.

Popular Naming Conventions

Two of the most popular naming conventions for organizing your chats in Telegram are:

  • Other Company x Your Company (Ex: Acme x 3RM)

  • [Relationship Type] Other Company x Your Company (Ex: [Partner] Acme x 3RM, or [Sponsorship] Acme x 3RM, etc.)

How to Edit a Chat Name

You can edit a chat name directly in Telegram. When you edit the name of a chat inside a folder synced with 3RM, it will automatically update in 3RM.

Editing a Chat Name in Telegram

  1. Navigate to the chat you are looking to change the name of

  2. Click on the name of the chat

  3. Click the 3 dots and Manage Group on desktop or click Edit on mobile

  4. Change the name and click Save on desktop or Done on mobile

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