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Connecting Your Telegram
Bring 3RM into Telegram with the Chrome Extension
Bring 3RM into Telegram with the Chrome Extension

The 10x productivity hack – bring your CRM right into Telegram to save hours and get into flow

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Before getting started with the 3RM Chrome Extension, please make sure that you have signed into the web version of Telegram and have connected your 3RM Account to Telegram.

What is the 3RM Chrome Extension?

The 3RM Chrome Extension places a 3RM window inside Telegram's web app.

In order to use the 3RM Chrome Extension, you must be signed into the web version of Telegram. How to sign in to the web version of Telegram.

3RM meets you where you’re working, inside Telegram. Our extension serves you all your team’s notes and data as a window inside the Telegram web app.

Each time you open a new chat, the data in the window will be updated automatically.

Want to send an update to your team? Just write a quick note in the extension window, or set a follow-up reminder for either yourself or someone on your team.

It couldn’t be simpler.

We’ve been using the Chrome extension internally and can’t live without it. We hope you love it as much as we do.

How To Get Started

After you have connected your Telegram to 3RM, hit the button below to add the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Once you've downloaded the extension, pin the 3RM Chrome Extension to your Chrome menu bar.

After you have pinned the extension, click on the 3RM icon to open the extension. Click on "Sign in to 3RM" to be redirected to 3RM to sign in.

Once you've signed in, go to to use Telegram Web. Alternatively, you can open the extension again and click "Telegram Web".

In Telegram Web, you'll see the 3RM widget in the top-right of your chats. Click on the widget to open the 3RM sidebar on chats that you've already synced to 3RM.

Haven't set up folders or synced with 3RM yet? Here are two guides that might help:

Using the Chrome Extension

The extension is all set up now! Now, when you move from chat to chat in Telegram, the 3RM Chrome extension will immediately show the info your team has in 3RM on that chat.

You can set yourself a follow-up reminder, change the chat's properties like its Status, Owner and Categories, or add notes for you and your teammates to see.

You can think of it like a separate space for you and your team to leave the important information about a chat that shouldn't be visible to the other party. Only people who are in your team in 3RM can see it.

Using the Extension on the Desktop

Also, we know some really like to use Telegram as a desktop app, so if you're loving the 3RM Chrome Extension but want it in a desktop experience, here's how you can do that:

  1. Open and log in

  2. On the right of the Chrome address bar, click on the "Install app" icon (shown below), then click "Install".

3. Chrome will install it as a "Chrome App" then show you where the app is located on your computer. Drag it to your dock to keep it one click away.

4. If you've already installed the 3RM Chrome Extension, it'll be in the top-right of the app, click the logo to open it.

Now what?

Many teams have shared that they find it much easier and faster to fill out their CRM with necessary information like a chat's Status and taking notes as they're flipping through their Telegram inbox and chatting.

It replaces the need to switch back-and-forth from the conversation to your CRM or to do big blocks of data entry at the end of your work day. Just fill out info as it changes and your team will always have 3RM up-to-date.

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