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The 3RM Chrome Extension
The 3RM Chrome Extension

Get the most out of using 3RM with our Chrome Extension. Seamlessly connect your Telegram with 3RM data.

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Before getting started with the 3RM Chrome Extension, please make sure that you have signed into the web version of Telegram and have connected your 3RM Account to Telegram.

What is the 3RM Chrome Extension?

The 3RM Chrome Extension places a 3RM window inside Telegram's web app.

In order to use the 3RM Chrome Extension, you must be signed into the web version of Telegram. Read here on how to sign in to the web version of Telegram.

3RM meets you where you’re working, inside Telegram. Our extension serves you all your team’s notes and data as a window inside the Telegram web app.

Each time you open a new chat, the data in the window will be updated automatically.

Want to send an update to your team? Just write a quick note in the extension window, or set a follow-up reminder for either yourself or someone on your team.

It couldn’t be simpler.

We’ve been using the Chrome extension internally and can’t live without it. We hope you love it as much as we do.

How To Get Started

After you have connected your Telegram to 3RM and signed into the web version, you can navigate to the Chrome store and add our extension.

Once you've downloaded the extension, pin the 3RM Chrome Extension to your Chrome menu bar.

After you have pinned the extension, navigate to

Here, you should be able to sign into your 3RM account. After you have signed in, navigate to the folder inside that you have synced with 3RM.

Haven't set up folders or synced with 3RM yet? Here are two guides that might help:

That's it! Now when you navigate through your conversations inside of the web app, the 3RM Chrome extension will dynamically update. Allowing you to make new follow-ups or notes that will reflect directly back inside of 3RM.

As you can see in a chat with my co-founders, I was able to quickly leave notes and set reminders for future follow-ups!

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