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How many types of Telegram chats do you have?

Are you trying to raise a new round, develop new partnerships, or building relationships with developers?

Whatever you're using Telegram for, jumbling all chats together makes no sense. Categories help you sort out your relationships into different buckets, so you can start treating different chats differently.

Step 1 – Choosing your Categories

First, select which categories make sense for your business. To do this, click the 'edit property' button at the end of the categories menu.

After you've done that, you'll be able to add, edit and delete property values:

Step 2 – Setting Categories

Setting categories is simple, and can be done either from a chats table view, from the Chrome extension, the pipeline, or from a chats details view. For more details, look at how the 'Owner' property can be set (it's the same here!)

Step 3 – Magic

The magic happens when you start using filters to look at all your chats of a certain category together.

You can also save these lists, so you can always come back later. To learn more about filters and creating these lists, click here.


We hope that categories brings clarity to your Telegram inbox and helps you focus your time on your most important relationships ❤️

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