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Follow-ups and Notes for Better Relationship Management
Follow-ups and Notes for Better Relationship Management

How to best use 3RM follow-ups and notes for better relationship management.

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Before getting started with Follow-ups and Notes, please ensure that you have connected to our Telegram Notifications Bot. You can read more about how to do this here.

Best Practices For Creating Follow-Ups

The best practice that we've seen for teams is to create a view of your chats organized by follow-up date.

To do this, you can select the "Follow Up" tab from your table view. Click "Sort ascending" in order to see your follow-ups that are most recently due. In the example above, you can see that a follow-up is overdue by the "!" icon next to the date.

To jump directly into the chat with the associated follow-up, navigate over to the "Telegram" tab and you can click the button here to jump directly to this conversation inside of Telegram.

Also, as a reminder, when you are inside of Telegram, you can utilize the Chrome Extension to automatically update your follow-ups and notes directly from the conversation. This allows you to navigate through your inbox and create reminders for yourself and your team for future actions.

To read more or download our Chrome Extension, see our guide here.

Whenever a follow-up is due, you will receive an email reminder and a notification from our Telegram bot at 9:00 AM local time.

To read more about how to use our bot, see our support article here:

Best Practices For Notes

Inside 3RM, we've created what we call "Quick Notes." From any notes cell in your table view, you can select the tab and a quick note will appear.

This is great for calls, quick updates, or anything that you want your team to see.

This also applies to our Chrome Extension! You can view past notes that your team has left and also record directly inside the Telegram window.

3RM also offers the "details" window. If you navigate to any of your chats inside of 3RM, you can open the details window and see all notes in one dedicated screen.

We use this window for call notes, project updates, or any other interactions that we have with teams that we work with in the space.

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