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How to get your teammates set up and onboarded to 3RM.

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The magic of 3RM really exists when you are able to bring all of your teammates into the shared view. We’ve gone through and allow-listed your email domain so anyone who uses the same email address as yourself can automatically sign up and start using 3RM right away.

Benefits of Adding Teammates

  • No Duplicates - when you and another teammate are both in the same conversation, 3RM only produces one chat inside of our view. There are no duplicates, and your team can all work in the same space.

  • Won't Lose chats from suspended or disconnected Telegram accounts - The organization that your email accounts are connected to will have access to this card, so if a Telegram account were to get suspended or disconnected, the data will still be available in an “archive” view. You won’t lose all of your historical notes and follow-ups.

  • Keep conversations going no matter who started the chat - The invitation and chat link will still be visible so you can pick up any group conversations that are brought in from another teammate at any point in time, even if they are no longer with the company.

How to Add Teammates

  1. Send your teammates to

  2. Have them enter their work email address and click the Continue button.

  3. Your teammates can create their accounts and sync their Telegram folders to 3RM.

Chats in 3RM are shared among all members of your organization. Anyone with an email from your company domain (e.g. can sign up and access the data in your workspace.

For chats you're a participant in, you'll see a "Chat Link". For other chats, you may see an "Invite Link". To view only the chats you're in, select the "I'm a Participant" filter.

For more information on how 3RM uses and stores your data, refer to our Privacy Policy at

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