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How 3RM Protects Your Security and Privacy
How 3RM Protects Your Security and Privacy

As you get started in 3RM, I wanted to bring up something that's a cornerstone of our philosophy: security, privacy, and consent.

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As you get started in 3RM, I wanted to bring up something that's a cornerstone of our philosophy: security, privacy, and consent.

We believe that privacy isn’t a want; it’s a need. That's why we built 3RM to prioritize your control over your data. As we navigate through the digital landscape of web3, we're committed to upholding your privacy and consent at all times.

Here's how we ensure your data is secure and private:

Encrypted Telegram Access Token: When you connect your Telegram account to 3RM, our system receives a session access token that gives it access to interact with and retrieve data from your Telegram account.

The session token is encrypted at rest and in transit. It is only decrypted in-process to establish a connection to Telegram to sync your chats. This means that even if 3RM has a data breach, attackers cannot access your Telegram.

Control Access with Telegram Folders: Since 3RM is a shared team environment, you can control which chats you bring in by selecting the Telegram folders you want to import.

Minimal Data Collection: We only collect data that is needed to support our customers with the services that we offer and we do not sell our customers' data. When you connect your Telegram and sync your chats, we only bring in:

  • The names of chats you choose to sync

  • Chat links or invite links

  • Last message time

  • Your name and handle in Telegram

  • The names and handles of participants in chats you sync

  • Telegram's internal IDs for chats you sync and participants in those chats.

That's it! We do not bring in any messages or other chat content. What you see on 3RM is what we import, and we only do it for chats you've chosen to sync by enabling a folder.

✏️ An important note: Since Telegram's API does not support scoped access, connecting your Telegram account gives our system access to all chats and messages. However, the system only brings in the data mentioned above for chats you choose to sync. To go beyond the access controls that Telegram's API supports, we are investigating cutting-edge techniques to limit our system's access such as encrypted data streaming and decentralized vaults.

Respecting Your Attention We won’t bombard you with unnecessary notifications. You decide what updates you receive and when. Our aim is to give you a clean, distraction-free workspace that respects your attention.

And this is just the start. We'll continue to build on that foundation in our security and privacy roadmap, giving you more options to control access, encrypt data like your notes, and verify how your data is used and not used.

If you'd like more details, you can refer to our Privacy & Data One Pager, Terms of Service, or Privacy Policy.

As always, we're here to support you. If you have any questions about security, privacy, or anything else, feel free to send us an email or reach out via the support chat (bottom-right in 3RM).

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