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Customize Your Statuses and Categories
Customize Your Statuses and Categories

Customize your Statues, Categories, and Owner properties directly inside of 3RM.

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When getting started with 3RM, we created custom statuses for all teams. The status bar allows you to manage your Kanban pipeline.

Using the filters at the top of the 3RM application, you can organize your conversations by status. From here, you are also able to edit the status property in order to customize it to best serve your team.

From here, you can either edit, delete, or create a new status for your team. 3RM offers different colors and icons for your team to manage their view.

Using the filters at the top of the screen, you can also sort your chats by the status window. This allows you to have a select view of only chats that fit the criteria you've defined.


The same processes and settings apply to the "Categories" section inside of 3RM.

To make any edits, simply select the "Categories" tab. Here, you can edit any of the existing categories that are automatically created.

These are all editable and can be updated automatically.

If you have any requests or issues, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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